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How to FINALLY Find Your Audience and Unleash Your Social Media Mojo

Ever feel like it’s impossible to find an audience for your music? Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a world where you know exactly who to target and how to win their hearts.The Social Media Audience Research Cheatsheet is here to save the day! This magical tool will help you uncover the secrets of your audience, connect with them on a deep level, and create content that hits the bullseye every time. It’s time to put an end to the frustration and unleash your social media mojo like a true rockstar!

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If I’m so fearless, then why am I afraid to shoot music videos? | The Grounds

Hi, Jesse here. This is my debut episode on The Grounds, and I figured I’d use it to get you up to speed on the (very ugly) early days of my music project Basic Printer. Throughout it all, I’ve never wanted to compromise my sound and vision…no matter how much healthy criticism I could have used at the time! Despite being pretty rough around the edges, that fearless energy fueled my desire to also spread the word about my music…and it turns out, I’ve been doing it all this while, whether I realized it or not.

It’s been a long road, but I’m now in a place where my weird music project is both palatable and nearly profitable. See to what extent that is on today’s episode of The Grounds!

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Don’t Burn Out Like I Did! Automate Your Music Career!

February 2021 I burned out HARD on my music and marketing goals. I could barely get myself out of bed, let alone make new content and come up with ways of engaging my fanbase! Here is how I maintained fanbase growth, engagement, and even made some sales with INCREDIBLY minimal effort, a good amount of automation… While I recovered from burnout!

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The Spotify Ad Method That’s BLOWING UP My Music Fan Base!

In this case study you’ll see how our Spotify music marketing strategies have pivoted and changed over the last two years, resulting in even more success for independent music marketing. Explore a case study update on SOMEKIDPUNK, a new music project with absolutely no existing fan base prior to starting our marketing efforts. You can use these same strategies to grow your fan base, too. In a constantly changing and evolving music landscape, your marketing advice should probably evolve with it, right? Learn the framework to use smart promo to grow your Spotify! Find new listeners, followers, and fans using this promo strategy!

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How To Learn Music Marketing WITHOUT Losing Your Sanity!

Diving into learning digital marketing can feel like learning a new language! Learning new skills, learning new phrases and terminology…it can leave you feeling overwhelmed at best, and burnt out at worst. In this video, Graci covers the top things you need to remember to keep your mindset right as you learn these new skills and expand your marketing prowess! So when you start to hit a wall, or start feeling overwhelmed….remember your music marketing mindset playbook! You’ve got this!

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How To Pick The Right DAW For You – Graci Asks Dumb Questions (so you don’t have to!)

Welcome to the second episode of Graci Asks Dumb Questions So You Don’t Have To! In this series, we will crush gate keepers, abolish the idea of “dumb questions”, and champion learning together. What are we learning today? How to the DAW that’s right for you, so you can make your musical dreams come true.🌈💛

I started on GarageBand and now I use a *stolen* version of Logic. But there are sooooo many more options than that! Logic, ProTools, Ableton, FL Studio…what’s the difference between all these DAWs and how do we choose one that’s right for us?

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Find Your REAL Fans For $1/Day on Instagram | Tiny Tutes

One of the biggest challenges musicians face when trying to build a fan base online is leveraging digital marketing on a poor man’s budget.

In this article, we’re going to break down a simple ad strategy to grow your IG followers with real people that dig your music for as little as $1/day. You’ll learn a how to set-up and deploy this strategy as well as some tips on what to expect and how to manage it over time.

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Good things happen to your music when you do good things! | The Grounds

The last time I came on the Grounds I was really struggling with a myriad of issues in my music career! I didn’t really have any good systems in place to help support the creation of new music and videos, I was always feeling the impact of burn out, and I couldn’t stop worrying about the need to make all my stuff perfect.

Back then I shared a bunch of steps that I was taking to work on these challenges and now I’m back on the Grounds a year and a half later to talk about some exciting updates and my progress so far!

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