Podcast | Indepreneur | Music Marketing That Works
EP162: Our 2021 Predictions for Music Marketing and Beyond!
Wrap up 2020 with us as we run down our predictions, hopes, and guesstimations about what's to come in 2021 in music marketing, the music biz, and beyond!
EP161: Hot Seat Round 2: Music Marketing Q&A
Join us as we dive into another hot seat Q&A session with another round of Indies' questions about all things music marketing!
EP160: Hot Seat Round 1: Answering Your Music Marketing Questions!
Join us for a hot seat Q&A session as we take on a round of Indies' questions about all things music marketing from our community!
EP159: 5 Key Album Launch Takeaways for Indies
Join us as we discuss the 5 key takeaways Indies need to know from launches we've had a hand in at the IndieX agency!
EP158: Engagement Pods That Actually Work!
Join us for a discussion on engagement pods that ACTUALLY work for artists - not on IG & Spotify playlists - but with teamwork, groupthink, and mentorship!
EP157: The Follow Up Process In The Life Cycle of A Fan
Join us for a hot seat round discussing what your messaging & follow up could look like across digital channels for fans at each stage of the Buddy System!
EP156: An Exposé on Google and YouTube Ads for Musicians
Join us as we walk through the strengths and weaknesses, wins and pitfalls that musicians face when using Google and YouTube ads!