Podcast | Indepreneur | Music Marketing That Works
Join us as we go way back to basics to discuss what to focus on when kicking off a music career from scratch!
Join Corrin, Jack, and artist manager and music tech expert Randy Nichols to discuss his career and how he helped Underoath make a massive impact with a series of livestream shows!
Join us as we discuss the core sales concepts of scarcity, exclusivity, urgency and dive into the topic of auctions, digital products, and even NFTs!
Join us as we go deep into talking about music career burnout, sharing our own burnout experiences and insights from creatives at IndieX agency as well!
Join the hosts of Creative Juice and go back to basics to discuss the various temperatures of fans in your audience and how that will inform your marketing!
Join us as we discuss shiny object syndrome and how artists can break through the anxiety of needing to be everywhere and create content for every platform.
Join us as we discuss the evolution of sync licensing with our special guest, Mark Eckert, a producer, drummer, and owner of licensing company THATPITCH!