Podcast | Indepreneur | Music Marketing That Works
EP142: Structuring Your Marketing Campaigns for Success!
Join us for a dive into all things structuring, building, testing, and optimizing marketing campaigns to build your list of fans!
EP141: The Technology Used to Build Subscriber Lists
Join us for a little retrospective on some of the tech stack wins and fails that we've seen inside (and outside) the IndieX agency!
EP139: How To Bribe Your Fans (To Join Your List)
Get inspired in a crash course on lead magnets and learn how to craft meaningful bribes to get fans to subscribe to your email, SMS, and messenger list!
EP138: The Things We’ve Said That We Now Believe To Be False!
Join us on a journey of what it means to be agile in music marketing, challenging your ideas, and our evolution of thought on strategies, tools, and more!
EP140: How Branding Sets Subscriber Expectations
Join us for an introspective look into how your personal brand as an artist plays a huge role in the offers you make to build your list!
EP137: The Future of Selling Tickets for Live Shows
In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the future of live shows remains unclear. Join us for a dive into live show marketing in the new normal!
EP136: Keeping Your Tech Stack Fresh
Join us for a tech stack state of the union walking through strategy changes and tech stack additions from the ground level that Indies should look for!