EP159: 5 Key Album Launch Takeaways for Indies

Throughout this year, we've kept on the pulse of releases and launches of artists of all styles and sizes - from grassroots artists just getting their start and career-long musicians with large fanbases. We've picked up on a few patterns from these launches that Indies need to know!

In this episode of Creative Juice, Corrin and Jack discuss the 5 key takeaways from launches we've had a hand in at the IndieX agency! From team communication, to fulfillment, margins, and more, learn the patterns that we've seen across dozens of campaigns that apply to Indies at all stages in their career.

Whether you've got an album, EP, single, or product launch planned in the future, the takeaways in this episode will be critical to make your marketing run smoothly!


  • Why you need to prepare to pivot your marketing ahead of time 
  • How to think about your fan base critically and plan your offers
  • How to get your fulfillment on lock to prevent angry customers
  • Why knowing your numbers makes difference between success and failure
  • What team communication will be to eliminate mid-launch hiccups
  • PLUS: What Creative Juice is planning as we head into 2021!