EP119: Becoming a Pro-Level Music Marketer [INDIEFOUNDER 2.0]

Indepreneur's coaching program, IndieFounder, has gone through several iterations. Today, IndieFounder is an 8-week intensive coaching session teaching small groups of Indies how to strategize and execute long-term marketing plans for any music career...

After two successful run-throughs, testimonials from the IndieFounder program have been absolutely glowing. This is due largely to the restructuring efforts of Creative Juice co-host and Indepreneur co-Founder, Corrin Campbell. In this episode, Circa interviews Corrin to find out what it took to make IndieFounder the smash success it is today.

For Indies looking to become music marketing artists, IndieFounder has been a dream-come-true. And, if you've had trouble getting a full understanding of music business and promotion, you do not want to miss this episode!


  • How INDIEFOUNDER produced two case studies and one Indepreneur employee
  • Why the original INDIEFOUNDER coaching program was shut down in 2018
  • The new INDIEFOUNDER 2.0 program and how it works
  • Who INDIEFOUNDER is for and what it has done for them already