EP120: Coaching For Your Music Career w/ Jesse Gillenwalters

Indepreneur's coaching program, IndieFounder, has gone through several iterations. Today, IndieFounder is an 8-week intensive coaching session teaching small groups of Indies how to strategize and execute long-term marketing plans for any music career...

In this episode, Circa interviews the IndieFounder coaches, Corrin and Jesse, to find out whats been clicking so well with the students in our newly relaunched coaching program. You'll discover the difference between successful and stagnated Indies, as well as the mindset shifts that have helped IndieFounder students advance so rapidly!

If you've been stuck in advancing your music career, then you should listen to the dramatic changes that Indies of all stripes have been making in IndieFounder. Hopefully, you gain a new understanding for your true potential!


  • How Basic Printer went from a student of INDIEFOUNDER to a coach in two years
  • How INDIEFOUNDER aids in our mission to create 1,000,000 independent creatives
  • Success stories from recent INDIEFOUNDER 2.0 graduates