EP127: 6,291 Records In 3 Weeks Using Facebook Ads (IndieX Case Study)

This episode is packed - we have updates regarding our plans during the Coronavirus pandemic, we have a MAJOR announcement about the Podcast, new space available in IndieX and IndieFounder, and the mother of all Facebook Ads case studies...

In this episode, Circa and Corrin sit down with IndieX Agency Lead Jack McCarthy to discuss a recent case study. Hear the story of how IndieX helped a brand new artist with no following sell over $300,000 dollars in physical media across a 3 week Facebook Ads campaign! They'll detail the ads, the challenges, and the success parameters for this massive marketing accomplishment...

If you've been a long time Creative Juice listener, or if you want to know how Facebook Ads still drive some of the most amazing results in the musc industry, then you really MUST listen to this episode!


  • What Indepreneur is doing for the Indie community during the pandemic
  • Who is right for the newly available seats in INDIEX and INDIEFOUNDER
  • Why a brand new artist was able to sell over 6,000 records in 3 weeks
  • How INDIEX overcame challenges with copy and creative
  • PLUS: Why one of the Creative Juice hosts is leaving the podcast...