Episode 52: Music Industry Myths and Misconceptions (Part I)


Musicians get advice from every direction - bloggers, managers, successful artists, and even their Uncle Steve. "Drop singles, just singles for a year straight..." "Always have new stuff coming out..." "You need to be linked in with Spotify curators..."

In this episode, we're delivering an extensive (and somewhat profane) Op-Ed on the music industry's laundry list of bad ideas, horrible tips, and misguided beliefs. Circa gets mouthy and Corrin gets angry in this expletive-laced installment!


  • Re-purposing, re-communicating and re-packaging previously released content
  • Things to look out for in Artist or Label Management
  • Should you care about what’s relevant as an Indie Artist?
  • Unpacking format and product myths in the music industry
  • How to add meaning to products as an Indie musician and marketer
  • The music industries reactionary relationship to technological advances
  • PLUS: Does content “expire”?