EP92: Is Selling Music EVIL?! w/ Jack McCarthy, IndieX Agency Lead

"Artists aren't business people." The narrative has been driven into our minds since we were young - that artistry and business acumen are opposites. But is it true? And furthermore, is selling something to be feared, despised, and actively avoided?

In this episode, Circa and Jack take a deep dive into the definition, psychology, and craft of "selling". You'll learn why selling is something you do on a near-daily basis, how you can discover your true talent for it, and why you definitely should not be so afraid of it.

If you've fancied yourself a contrarian, underdog, corporation-toppling anti-hero, you're about to have your world rocked. This may be the most transformative hour in recent memory for you - so don't miss it!


  • How Gary Vee only sold 30,000 bottles of his "Empathy" wine
  • Why most artists claim to "hate selling" (any why they're wrong)
  • What most people sell every single day without knowing it
  • How to get over your fear of being compensated for selling
  • PLUS: Why sales makes everything you enjoy possible