EP134: The Artist’s Plight with Advertising

Out of the slew of different businesses that use advertising and digital marketing, creatives often face a particularly unique dilemma. When thinking about advertising, artists can easily fall into a trap of having preconceived ideas about what marketing is versus what it isn't.

So in this episode, Corrin and Jack unpack this concept that we call The Artist's Plight with Advertising, spanning a range of topics including writing copy that's not too "salesy", imbuing a sense of self into campaigns, and why so many artists feel conflicted when it comes to marketing.

If you've ever felt unsure about how to do marketing in a way that is authentic to you, this episode will level with you in a way that's half heart and half tough love.


  • ​Why creatives carry so much emotional baggage when it comes to marketing
  •  What we talk about when we talk about marketing and sales
  • Where to find inspiration from other artists
  • How to tune out cringe-worthy marketing and be authentic
  • PLUS: How to look at your interest data and let it drive your creative marketing