EP137: The Future of Selling Tickets for Live Shows

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the future of live shows remains unclear. The music industry is ripe with predictions, but what do artists NEED to do to prepare their music marketing in the meantime?

In this episode, our special guest and IndieX agency account manager Jesse Gillenwalters (aka Basic Printer) joins Corrin and Jack for a dive into live show marketing in 2020. Get a glimpse of new strategies, understand best practices, and the future of live shows in 2020! Plus, get a sneak peek into Indepreneur's revamped Selling Tickets for Live Shows training...

With so much uncertainty around what's next for the touring part of the industry, it's important for artists to be ready to pivot and adjust your strategy. So, whether you're just wanting to get your feet wet playing shows in the future or you're a seasoned vet, this episode has some gems for you to keep focused on!


  • Where artists looking to play shows for the first time should start online
  • What marketing assets to prepare while you wait for the touring industry to reopen
  • Why one fan in one city can be your biggest advocate
  • How to apply full spectrum creativity to how you market shows
  • PLUS: A sneak peek into Jesse's revamped lessons inside Selling Tickets for Live Shows