EP138: The Things We’ve Said That We Now Believe To Be False!

In a music industry that changes rapidly, one of the key skills successful musicians have is the ability to be agile - to adapt to new information.

In this episode, Corrin and Jack take us on a journey of what it means to be agile in music marketing, by challenging our own beliefs and ideas. Get insight into the evolution of thought at the ground level here at Indepreneur, whether looking at strategy, platforms, or tools.

In a space constantly overflowing with new ideas, it's important to always challenge your hypotheses about the tools and strategies you use. So, join us as we deconstruct some of our previously held beliefs around music marketing and expand your own ideas about what’s possible in 2020!


  • What issues popped up in our most recommended email marketing tool
  • How the Facebook Ads Algorithm is smarter than we thought
  • Why it's important to break from your comfort zone with content
  • Why dogma is expensive when it comes to music marketing