EP139: How To Bribe Your Fans (To Join Your List)

Building a list of fans that you can contact directly is one of the critical components to building a business with your music. Still, one of the most frequently asked questions we hear is “how do I get my fans to sign up?!”

In this episode, Jack and Corrin take us on a crash course on lead magnets and crafting meaningful bribes to get fans to subscribe! Get inspired by the processes that businesses in all industries use to build their lists and learn why musicians face a unique challenge and opportunity!

With email marketing still sitting on the throne of the highest ROI digital marketing channel, and SMS and messenger marketing on the rise, building a list of fans has never been so important for artists. So, if you’re a musician wondering how to build your list in a way that matters to your tribe, this episode is jam packed with inspo!


  • Why all types of businesses do lead generation
  • What challenges musicians face compared to other industries
  • Where branding and your story play a role in your bribe
  • The differences between active and passive bribes
  • PLUS: A first glance at our upcoming Permission Stage training!