EP141: The Technology Used to Build Subscriber Lists

It seems like every day, there's a new piece of marketing technology added to the laundry list of tools, especially when it comes to building up an email list of fans. Landing pages, Manychat, email marketing, OH MY! It's enough to make anyone's head spin.

So to help unpack your toolkit in this episode, Corrin and Jack share a few stories of some Permission stage tech stack wins and fails from inside the IndieX agency. Get a leg up on the tools that are working today by learning from other artists that are getting their fans to subscribe!

With shiny objects constantly dangled in front of our eyes, it's important for musicians to keep their eyes on the prize: finding the winning combination of tools that work for YOUR fan base. So learn from these wins (and fails) and build up that list of fans!


  • What tools are being used in the IndieX Agency for Artists of All Sizes
  • Why Manychat and Facebook Messenger Marketing is STILL awesome
  • Where landing pages can fall short and why it matters
  • How finding the right tools for you is critical to your marketing