EP147: A Tale of Two Album Launches

When planning an album, EP, or single release, it's easy for artists get lost in the weeds about how to drive results around a launch. How do you make offers? What does the lead up to the launch look like?

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack is joined by two members of the IndieX team, Ed Isola of the 502s and Jesse Gillenwalters aka Basic Printer for a deep look into their own upcoming album launches and their insights from the IndieX agency on how artists can ramp up their sales.

If you're preparing for a release of any kind and need direction on how to build out a robust strategy, this episode is packed with gems, numbers, and case studies for your long term growth!


  • What The 502s and Basic Printer are planning for their upcoming album launches
  • Where artists should focus their efforts between releases to maximize results
  • How and when to run a preorder campaign
  • Why long-term ROI and customer LTV are crucial considerations
  • PLUS: A chat about why fan engagement is the secret sauce of ANY launch