EP188: How to ACTUALLY Talk to Your Fans Online

What's the number one, sure-fire way to turn new listeners into fans that stick around? Communicating with them! So why do creatives have such a tough time figuring out how to talk to their fans online?

In this episode of Creative Juice, we welcome back Basic Printer, aka IndieFounder music marketing coach Jesse Gillenwalters to the podcast for a deep dive into how to actually talk to your fans online! Learn about the gift that you can give to your email subscribers to get them to love you, why "mysteriousness" is misguided in 2021, and how communication is the key to longevity with your fan base and career

Find yourself wondering how to be authentic when communicating with your fans? This episode will break down that question and more! 


  • How hip hop artists cultivate the tone of how they talk to their fans
  • What James Blake can teach artists about being open and mysterious at the same time
  • How to use your marketing as a competitive advantage
  • Why levels of intimacy play a role in nurturing
  • How to mine your MUSIC for ideas to talk to your fans