EP258: Taking Your Music From The Studio To The Global Stage w/ Casey Cavaliere

When bringing new music into the world, the most impactful releases seem to weave a seamless narrative even from the first moments of creativity in songwriting. But more often than not, marketing is left as an afterthought instead of a part of the creative process itself. How can artists overcome this hurdle AND stay inspired and focused?

In this episode of Creative Juice, we welcome back Casey Cavaliere from The Wonder Years and The Record Process podcast to discuss taking your music from the studio to the global stage effectively! From clients and colleagues that Casey has worked with in the studio, to his band, our clients IndieX, and everything in between, hear stories that will inspire you to capture your authentic story from pre-production all the way through to launching your next project with content and offers that will get your fans excited and involved!

If you've ever felt a disconnect between your creative side in the studio and planning out your marketing, the insights and stories from this episode will get you thinking about your favorite artists' music, your online presence, and your own releases in a totally new light!


  • Why Documenting Your Process Makes Marketing More Fun
  • How The Wonder Years Turned Their Recording Process Into A Documentary
  • What You Can Learn From "Scrollstopping" Media
  • How To Let Go of Perfection In Your Content Strategy
  • What You Can Learn From Food YouTube Channels
  • How To Create Engaging Videos In The Studio (Even If You Hate Content Creation)
  • PLUS: A Glimpse Into The Upcoming Season of "The Record Process"!