EP267: What Artists Can Learn from Amazon About E-Commerce

Amazon is the world's largest online retailer and with 2.45 billion monthly visitors and over 300 million active customers, there's a ton that musicians can learn from the e-commerce giant about marketing...

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack, Ed, and Circa discuss how Amazon makes it easy for customers to become raving fans of the products and brands they love and how artists can do the same! Learn the sales frameworks that Amazon uses online and apply the strategies and tech in your online store to build amazing buying experiences for your fans.

If you've ever looked around the music industry and wondered why artist merch stores are lackluster, this episode will transform what you know about online sales!


  • How Amazon Makes It Easy For Customers To Buy
  • What McDonalds, Pizza Hut, and Grub Hub Can Teach You About Sales
  • How To Build Compelling Upsells and Cross Sells
  • Where To Start If You Don't Have A Ton of Products In Your Store
  • How To Use Preorders To Increase Your Upsell Take Rate
  • What Marketing Tech Tools To Use For Optimizing Your Customer Experience