EP310: Mythbusting and The Mindset of Successful Artists

Ever worry about aging out of a music career? Concerned that running ads will kill your organic growth on social media? Artists shouldn't let these myths get in your head...

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Circa debunk common misconceptions that plague the industry and dive into the mindset of highly successful artists who keep their goals laser-focused! Learn how to build systems to prevent self-sabotage, how to attract attention without labeling your genre, tips for writing better hooks, and what you can learn from influencers and other industries about building a fan base!

If music industry myths keep you from executing, this episode will help reshape your perspective on your music career!


  • How Paid Advertising Does NOT Kill Organic Traction
  • Building Fan Engagement Systems to Avoid Self-Sabotage
  • How To Gain Attention Without Labeling Yourself or Your Genre
  • What You Can Learn from Influencers Like Grant Cardone and Other Industries
  • How To Write Better Hooks
  • How to Smash Online Trolls Romantically