EP328: The Truth About Data and Your Music Career

It's 2024 and it's time to stop using data as a buzzword and start using it to actually grow your music career...

In this episode of Creative Juice, join Jack and Circa for a discussion on the truth about data and its impact on your music career! Learn how the music industry typically collects and uses data, where it falls short, and how to use actionable data to build your fan base, get more people to hear your music, and build revenue streams as an artist!

If you want to avoid gathering data that collects dust or overcome the overwhelm of taking action on your marketing data, this episode is a must listen whether you've got tons of fans or are just starting out!


  • What Data The Music Industry Focuses On
  • The Difference Between "Is" and "Ought" Data
  • How B2b and B2c Data Is Used In Music
  • Why Data Consolidation Is Important For Artists
  • How To Leverage Your Owned Media and Customer Data To Grow