Episode 38: How To Market Music To Millenials w/ IndieFounder AJ Crew

market music to millenials aj crew indiefounder

How do you market music to millennials? Indie Hip-Hop Artist AJ Crew does it by creating music and products that actually speak to our age bracket. Learn from an in-the-trenches Indie Musician about the process of launching an album from 0 to Fan Base!

We sit down with A.J. to discuss some revolutionary changes to the Album Launch formula, innovative products, and creating a compelling theme for your release. If you're preparing to launch an album, you definitely want to pay attention here.

Learn valuable insight from an in-the-trenches Indie and apply it to your own Album Launch. There is plenty of actionable insight packed into this episode!


  • Experimenting with Landing Page Design
  • info-circle
    Finding your theme using Fan Finder results
  • Insights into creative products
  • Sourcing custom products through Ali-Baba
  • PLUS:  Tips and Tricks for running a successful Album Launch


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  • April 12, 2018