Episode 3: The Future of Indie Music w/ Zac Harding of Songtradr (1 of 3)

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Want to get your indie music licensed in TV, movies, and commercials? Historically, it was nearly impossible for the average Indie Musician to reach Music Supervisors (the people who make the decision in that process).

Songtradr breaks down the walls and allows Indie Musicians to submit music for curated playlists deliver to music supervisors all around the world!

In this interview, Zac Harding (Marketing Manager, SongTradr) goes in-depth with a behind-the-scenes look at what he sees as the future of music business.


  • Why a crushing majority of artists that sign to major labels get shelved and never release their first album (HINT: the reason really sucks)
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    How you can get your music licensed and discovered by thousands of fans
  • What indie artists don't know about the people running major labels
  • Why the future of indie music has everything to do with data
  • Why gigantic contracts aren't really necessary for independent musicians