Episode 7: How To Make A Living Off Of Music, Gigs and Tours, and Inspiring Over 2,000 Creatives w/ Beth McKee of Swamp Sistas

Beth Mckee Swamp Sistas Songwriter Singer Female Independent Musician Creative Juice Indepreneur Podcast

Distribution, gigs and tours, networking, marketing - let alone making music! If you can succeed wearing all these hats as an independent artist, where are all the independent career musicians?

Indie musician and leader for female musicians everywhere, Beth McKee, sits down with Circa to talk about her 30-year music career. This interview includes record label ups and downs and the story of how Beth gathered over 2,000 female songwriters and musicians to join forces and take control of their creative passion!

You absolutely do not want to miss this interview; Beth is not only one of our favorite songwriters at Indepreneur, she is also incredibly warm-hearted and inspiring. Check it out!


  • An inside view of the record label experience from an experienced Indie
  • info-circle
    The 2,000+ Online Community of female songwriters and musicians...
  • Mindsets gained from building a massive empowerment group
  • What it takes to go out on your own and develop a following
  • Bonus tips for how to stay motivated as an independent musician