Episode 9: The Zen Secret To Achieving Creative Goals for Your Music Career w/ Divinci (2 of 2)

Divinci Solillaquists of Sound Creatvie Mastery Creative Juice Indepreneur Podcast

Discover the most valuable piece of creative wisdom we've ever uncovered in Part 2 of our interview with Divinci on the topic of creative focus in your indie music career.

In this episode, Divinci shares a revolutionary view of practice and artistic mastery with independent artists everywhere. This is one of the most high-impact episodes of Creative Juice to date, and you absolutely need to hear what Divinci has to say!

If you only listen to one episode of this podcast, listen to this one! You will carry the wisdom in this episode for years to come.


  • Once-in-a-lifetime perspective on creative mastery
  • info-circle
    The Focus Hacks used by a world-touring independent musician
  • The Mastery Manifesto written by Divinci that gilded this episode
  • The importance of trusting yourself and your motivation
  • Bonus tips for understanding how to be truly great at something