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Join us as we discuss strategies to keep your fans excited during the holiday season, even if you're not releasing music!
Join the Creative Juice gang with special guest Jordan Lawrence of Community a deep dive into text marketing best practices for artists!
Get a crash course in 4 outside the box offers that artists can make to their fans and the e-commerce plays that make them work all year!
Join us as we look back at Black Friday 2020 to help artists prepare for the massive sales at Black Friday 2021!
Join us as the Creative Juice gang goes under the hood of how to structure and plan your social media efforts with a team!
Join us for a special guest episode with Indepreneur's Community Manager Graci Phillips as we unpack social media and artist branding!
Join us as we dive into how to make the most out of email marketing with segmentation of your fanbase to serve the whole listener journey!