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Join us for a deep dive into how the TikTok algorithm works and what artists need to know to maximize their TikTok strategy!
Join us as we chat with Paperchain's CEO Daniel Dewar to discuss how they are revolutionizing how artists get paid for their streams!
Join us as we walk through the fundamentals of NFTs to cover where they started, how they work, and what the future may hold for music NFTs!
Join the Creative Juice gang for a crash course in web3 and music covering NFTs, blockchain tech, copyright, and more!
Join us as we welcome back Circa and discuss his band SOMEKIDPUNK and the role of advertising in 2022 for artists growing their audiences!
Join us as we take you on a journey of data digging to find out who your fans really are and what they're interested in
Join us as we chat about fan base growth through playlists and the pros and cons of having playlisting as the core of your marketing!