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EP155: Fan Membership Sites: Avoiding Overload
Join us as we break down some of the biggest blockers in the way of Indies that want to build a membership site for their fans.
EP154: Creating Merch That Is Quintessentially You
Dig into this episode where we unpack the foundations of creating merch that your fans will love that is perfectly on-brand to you and your music!
EP153: Merch Strategies, Planning, and Success
Join us as we break open the topic of merch strategy, fulfillment, and the success that comes with building a strong foundation!
EP152: Nurturing Strategies to Build Lifelong Fans
Join us for a dive into nurturing strategies and why it's so important for all kinds of artists when building a fan base for life!
EP151: Marketing To *gasp* Cold Traffic!
Join us for a heated discussion on the pitfalls and successes artists may face when marketing to cold audiences with direct sales offers!
EP150: How To Kick Start Your Holiday Sales Planning
Join us for a jumpstart chat on holiday sales planning, covering why it's so important for artists to plan ahead and maximize their impact for Black Friday!
EP149: When Music Marketing Goes Wrong & How To Fix It
Join us for a discussion where things can awry in music marketing, troubleshooting Facebook Ads, and where to look for help and guidance when things break!