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Join us as we cover what makes email marketing one of the most profitable digital marketing channels and why artists need to take advantage!
Join us as we unpack the foundational steps we've seen artists apply to build their careers throughout a year of coaching hundreds of Indies.
Join us as we chat about the evolution of the music industry with artist consultant, educator, and music industry veteran Wendy Day!
Join us as we discuss the musician's ad targeting secret weapon that outpaces all other tools and no one EVER talks about!
Join us as we discuss how to "John Madden" your marketing campaigns to make your music marketing better with every iteration!
Join us as we go way back to basics to discuss what to focus on when kicking off a music career from scratch!
Join Corrin, Jack, and artist manager and music tech expert Randy Nichols to discuss his career and how he helped Underoath make a massive impact with a series of livestream shows!