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Join the Creative Juice crew and gloitchpop artist Basic Printer for a chat about REAL conversation with your fans and why it matters!
In this episode of Creative Juice, we dive into the new Instagram Reels placement for Facebook Ads and how we're testing it out for artists!
Join us as we dive into 4 music marketing campaigns that we believe every artist will need at some point in their career!
Join us as we discuss navigating the mass of strategies, tactics, and ideas about music marketing and building a road map for yourself!
Join us for a deep dive on building a fan base organically, writing songs for artists like Katy Perry, and building a music career with our special guest Bruce Wiegner!
Join us for an epic discussion about productivity in music marketing with alien funk producer and Indepreneur Director of Operations, DUX!
Join us as we chat with our special guest, Ed Isola of The 502s, about their recent successes in marketing their summer tour!