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How To Choose A Microphone – Graci Asks Dumb Questions (so you don’t have to!)

Welcome to the first episode of Graci Asks Dumb Questions So You Don’t Have To! In this series, we will crush gate keepers, abolish the idea of “dumb questions”, and champion learning together. What are we learning today? How to choose a microphone that’s right for you.

In my musical journey, I’ve sang into everything from a $47 USB microphone from Amazon, to now, my $1800 Lauten microphone. So, what’s the difference in these mics? What do we need to know to purchase a microphone that’s right for us?

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How ANYBODY Can Screen Print At Home

How Anybody Can Screen Print At Home

Think you’re too grassroots to make merch? Feel like you don’t have the budget to make a run of t-shirts? Think again! I’m going to shows you how you can put together your own screen printing set up right in your home for $125 or less! All you need is the power of FITFON. 
Well, and about $125 dollars. But you get it.

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