How To Use This Training

This training is a Skill Builder

Every Indepreneur training is developed with two strict guidelines:

  1. Trainings must include well-defined steps which, when completed, ensure that the trainee has all assets necessary to perform the campaign or strategy being taught.
  2. Trainings must explain every concept involved so that a new Indepreneur employee or student could perform the strategy or campaign being taught without assistance.

This training combines lectures and activities in order to teach you a lifelong skill. Some components of this training are meant to be accomplished in one sitting. Others will serve as a reference guide for you to return to as you build tours and live show marketing campaigns.

First, learn the information being taught in the lesson.

Then, perform any steps required for that lesson. 

Lastly, check off the lesson using the "Mark Complete" button at the bottom of each Lesson Page.