EP117: Our 2020 Music Career Plan (Pt. 2: Finances)

Want to structure the next year of your music career? We're in the process of gearing up for our biggest year ever - but, as a team of independent musicians, music comes first. This 3-part episode details how Circa and Corrin are planning the production, finances, and marketing for their music projects in 2020!

In this episode, Circa and Corrin discuss the financial side of their 2020 music plans. On one end of the spectrum, Circa is keeping his operation on a shoe-string budget and anticipating a financial loss for the year. On the other end, Corrin is taking historical customer data and experience and going all out with it, sourcing top-tier production talent for her next set of records.

Whether you're just starting out with no budget or investing into a sizable fan base, this episode is packed with useful tips and strategies for planning your music career finances!


  • How Circa will run his music career on a ~$10k budget in 2020
  • Why Corrin is making a large investment into her catalogue and fan base
  • How Circa will compensate a team of collaborators on a shoestring budget
  • What Circa and Corrin stand to make and lose in 2020