EP118: Our 2020 Music Career Plan (Pt. 3: Marketing)

Want to structure the next year of your music career? We're in the process of gearing up for our biggest year ever - but, as a team of independent musicians, music comes first. This 3-part episode details how Circa and Corrin are planning the production, finances, and marketing for their music projects in 2020!

In this episode, Circa and Corrin reveal their overarching strategy for marketing their music careers in 2020. They'll cover the recurring content, ad strategy, and offers/campaigns that will grow their fan base the fastest and yield the highest return on investment...

If you've been intimidated to plan the marketing for your music this year, this episode should take all the steam out of music marketing for you. See how the experts plan to market their own music career and gain valuable insight into how you can do the same!


  • Why Circa is focusing on recurring content and advertising
  • How Corrin intends to reignite her fan base in 2020
  • What new strategies Circa and Corrin will begin to test