EP126: The Buddy System Revisited (Part 2 of 2)

The most valuable information we've ever provided for independent musicians centers around The Buddy System - which is our concept for designing an end to end audience-based business. The Buddy System helps independent creators focus their business efforts on what matters: the journey of the fan...

In part 2 of this 2-part episode, Circa and Corrin break down the all-important first 5 stages of The Buddy System. You'll learn how to think about each stage of awareness, how to target listeners in each stage, and how to manually talk to each stage. This is can't miss, in-depth information!

If you are starting fresh with Indepreneur or you're a seasoned Indie, this episode can help you level up. So pay close attention and take notes!


  • How to talk to listeners in specific stages of The Buddy System
  • Which audiences correspond to which stages of The Buddy System
  • What communication channels to use for each stage
  • How to define each stage of The Buddy System
  • PLUS: How Indepreneur trainings correspond to The Buddy System