EP130: Educating Your Listeners with Content Boosting

With screen-time up and people spending more time on social media than ever, with stay-at-home orders in full effect due to the coronavirus pandemic, livestreaming and content opportunities have been pushed into the forefront of discussion in the music industry. The question is loud and clear: how do artists create content that is authentic, stands out, and reaches their fans effectively?

In this episode, Corrin and Jack discuss how recurring content, especially live recurring content, can be a powerful vessel for taking casual listeners further into the journey of being a fan. You'll discover why scheduled recurring content sets you up for a deeper connection with fans, how to increase the "shelf life" of your content even with low organic reach, and how to get started even if you're uncomfortable being on camera.

With more music fans taking an active part in how they consume music right now, this episode and the strategies inside are a MUST listen for any artist looking to take their fan base to the next level!


  • What recurring content is and why it's so critical to your marketing
  • Where boosting can play a role in your recurring content
  • How your content builds a bridge between different marketing campaigns
  • How to repurpose your content to get the most from it
  • PLUS: What your content can tell you about your fans' interests and why it matters!