EP131: How To Audit Your Music Marketing (And Focus Your Strategy)

With strategies, tools, and platforms constantly evolving, one of the biggest challenges artists face in marketing is how to look at the big picture of their current fanbase and apply strategies that will actually help them grow, without distractions.

In this episode, Corrin and Jack break down step-by-step how artists can audit their own marketing efforts and get their strategy on a laser focused path. You'll learn the exact methods we employ at the IndieX agency when working with artists to determine their biggest growth opportunities, so you can apply these tactics to your own music marketing.

If you've ever felt stuck in your music marketing efforts or just not sure not sure where to start in order to see real growth, this episode will give you a roadmap to get inspired and unblocked!


  • How the IndieX agency carries out audits and strategy sessions for new clients
  • Which audiences you should be paying attention to for growth
  • What you'll need to perform a Buddy System audit on your own music marketing efforts
  • How to kick start your creativity by reverse-engineering your fans' journey