EP133: Planning A Launch

When working on a release, whether it's a single, EP, album, or some combination, many Indies struggle to combine the critical thinking and creativity needed to build a successful launch strategy. 

In this episode of Creative Juice, Corrin and Jack unpack the foundations of running a launch with a few examples from inside the IndieX agency and the wider music industry. You'll learn how to evaluate your audiences, traffic sources, and assets before creating a strategy and how to take advantage of the full scope of your fanbase, from new listeners to raving advocates.

With so much amazing inspiration for creative music releases out there, nailing down a process to channel your creativity into your marketing will help to maximize a release. If you're laying the groundwork for an upcoming release, you can't miss this episode!


  • ​What alternate launch types to consider alongside the Ultimate Album Launch strategy
  • How to think critically about traffic sources & campaign assets before your release
  • How to use your singles to activate your fan base throughout the Buddy System
  • Where creative branding play a role in your launch and why it matters