EP136: Keeping Your Tech Stack Fresh

Keeping up with evolving trends, tools, and strategies in the digital space is one of the core skills that turn artists into agile music marketers. How do you know what's up and coming? What strategies and tools are on the rise to help you achieve your goals?

This episode of Creative Juice is a tech stack state of the union! Corrin and Jack walk through strategy changes and tech stack additions from the ground level that Indies should look for. Get a look into potential targeting changes in the Facebook Ads Platform, as well as tools to consider for everything from text messaging and email marketing to increasing cart value, Facebook messenger, and more!

If you're looking to freshen up your tech stack to solve a specific problem in your marketing, this episode will give you some new ideas to consider and a framework to think critically about your tools!


  • ​How To Deal with Bots In Your Facebook Ad Targeting In Green Light Countries
  • How To Increase Order Value with Upsell Tools In Your Online Store
  • What Tools To Consider for SMS Marketing and How To Use Them
  • Why Facebook Messenger and Manychat STILL Matter (a lot!)