EP142: Structuring Your Marketing Campaigns for Success!

When it comes to building marketing campaigns, there are an endless array of variables to test - from images, videos, ad copy, offers, and more. How do you know when to test and when to tweak?

In this episode, Corrin and Jack take a look at the process of testing and optimizing campaigns that are specifically meant to build a list of fans. Get clarity on how to structure your campaigns for maximum success and what the steps after Permission look like!

If you're preparing campaigns and found yourself second-guessing your structure and testing methodology, check your smarts with us in this episode!


  • What variables are important to test when targeting your fans
  • When it makes sense to TEST and when it's wise to TWEAK
  • How to commit to nurturing your fans once they sign up
  • What testing and post mortem analysis can do for your marketing mind
  • PLUS: A look at some of the bonuses planned for the upcoming Permission Marketing for Musicians training!