EP148: How Artists Can Sell More Music in the 2020s

While working hard at building a fan base, a common sticking point for creatives is making offers to fans with the goal of creating customers, increasing sales, and driving revenue. Sales is a critical component to music marketing, so how can artists tap into it?

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Corrin examine the intersection between sales and marketing to uncover some of the biggest areas of opportunity and strategies for artists to sell more music and merch throughout the rest of this year and into the 2020s! 

If you've been pondering how to connect fan base growth to getting your music and products into the hands of your fans, this episode is a jumping off point with actionable strategies you can put into practice right away!


  • How to structure regular sales promotions as an artist
  • Why it's important to get creative with the products you offer to fans
  • What a "Pay What You Want" offer can do in your marketing
  • How an auction sales promotion can bring out your biggest fans
  • Why a Free + Shipping & Handling offer turns fans into customers