EP149: When Music Marketing Goes Wrong & How To Fix It

What happens when things just don't go right with your music marketing? Some artists panic and make rash decisions and others freeze up and do nothing. Facebook Ads tanking or shut down? Sales not coming in? Audience not growing? It happens to all of us.

So in this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Corrin welcome Circa back to the podcast for a serious discussion about how music marketing can go awry, navigating all kinds of issues with Facebook Ads, and an insider look at the new resources we've created to help and guide Indies!

If you've ever felt concerned about disapproved ads or campaigns that just don't work they way you thought they would, this episode will provide calm insight, clarity, and a fresh perspective on why mastering your tools matters in an age of shiny object syndrome!


  • Why there has been an uptick in Facebook Ad account bans and ad disapprovals
  • What you can do to troubleshoot issues in your marketing and pivot with grace 
  • How improper Facebook Ads setup can lead to poor results
  • Why longstanding platforms provide the most opportunity for growth compared to new "shiny objects"
  • PLUS: An Inside Look at the New Advertiser's Guide to Facebook Ads Inside INDIEPRO