EP153: Merch Strategies, Planning, and Success

While many artists hope to create awesome, on-brand merch that their fans will love, beyond the topic of design, the deeper strategic planning and infrastructure of selling merch are rarely discussed and often overlooked in the music industry.

In this episode, Corrin and Jack break this topic wide open to talk directly about merch strategy, fulfillment, and the success that comes with building a strong foundation. Get insight on everything from margin calculation, fulfillment options, on-demand products and more. Plus, get a sneak peek into what Indepreneur's sister company Full Stack Merch has planned as we head towards 2021!

Merchandise beyond just music is a massive revenue opportunity for creatives looking to grow their businesses. Whether you're looking to start selling to your fans for the first time or trying to shape up your store, this episode has something for everybody!


  • What pros and cons exist with on-demand printing services like Printful
  • How fulfillment plays a role in making your fans' experience great
  • Why tracking your margins is critical to your success and how to do it
  • How to get creative with your packing and delivery
  • When it makes sense to DIY vs getting help with your merch