EP154: Creating Merch That Is Quintessentially You

What does the merch you've designed around your music career say about you as an artist? Is it undeniably YOU and does it capture the attention of your fans right away? The truth is, many artists struggle to create merch that they feel is authentic to who they are.

Join Corrin and Jack in this episode as we unpack the foundations of creating epic, on-brand, merch that your fans will love! Discover how to get "unstuck" when brainstorming products and a step-by-step process to understanding your brand and applying it to your merch!

If you're gearing up to create new products around a launch, for holiday sales promotions, or anything else, this episode will give you a creative leg up!


  • Why some artists get "stuck" on product ideation
  • How to create experiences for your fans using your merch
  • What customer research and fan feedback can do for your future sales
  • How to chain your product offerings together
  • PLUS: A few DIY personalization secrets and inspiration to kickstart your creativity