EP156: An Exposé on Google and YouTube Ads for Musicians

Running Google Ads on YouTube is a regular topic we see musicians talk about when it comes to music marketing and audience growth. However, the strategy for running Google Ads on YouTube is NOT like Facebook Ads and the results will not be the same.

To dive into this topic, Corrin and Jack walk through some of the strengths, weaknesses, wins, and pitfalls that musicians face running Google Ads on YouTube. Learn the psychological differences that make top of funnel advertising on YouTube challenging compared to platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Gain an understanding of how content plays a role in YouTube ads and where musicians can find the biggest wins with Google Ads.

Planning an advertising budget for maximum results is crucial for artists of all sizes. So if you've been wondering if Google and YouTube ads might unlock some secret potential, this episode will clear up any misconceptions!


  • Why musicians struggle with YouTube ads at the top of funnel
  • How targeting on Google Ads is different from Facebook Ads
  • What most artists don't consider when running music video ads on YouTube
  • What bottom of funnel opportunities exist with Google Ads for musicians