EP283: How, When, And Why To Market Like A Label

Ever wondered how, when, and why to market your music like a record label? Are record label marketing strategies worth the squeeze?

In this episode Creative Juice, we dive deep into the world of direct response marketing in music versus record label marketing, and discuss when Indies can successfully tap into brand marketing strategies! Hear stories from our clients at IndieX, dissect what it means to have direct response calls to action, and identify the infrastructure and situations that call for brand awareness and Madison Ave style marketing approaches.

This episode will equip you with the knowledge and insights to effectively navigate the marketing landscape, understand when to adopt different strategies, and ultimately, market your music like a pro!


  • How and When Indies Can Successfully Tap Into Brand Marketing Strategies
  • What Direct Response Calls to Action Mean for Your Music
  • When to Consider Brand Awareness and Madison Ave Style Marketing Approaches
  • Why Brand Awareness Is a True "Fake It Till You Make It" Game
  • How Mass Media Provides Social Proof and Brand Authority: The Power of Perception
  • What to Look at in Your Business Before Making Expensive Marketing Decisions: Key Indicators for Success