EP268: What The Music Industry Doesn’t Know About Advertising Online

It only takes a quick glance at the social media pages of some of the world's top artists and bands to realize that the music industry is missing out on crucial wins from effective digital advertising...In reality, there's more for artists to learn from businesses outside of the music industry...

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Circa explore what the music industry doesn't know about advertising online and how you can learn powerful strategies that take your career to the next level from other industries! Learn from insights from our agency IndieX which has managed millions of dollars in ad spend for our artist clients, the business insights of effective advertising, and how to view your music business like a high-powered e-commerce outfit.

Wondering what social media ads can do for you beyond attempts at streaming growth?
This episode covers how to make the most of your advertising budget and grow your fanbase like never before!


  • How Direct Response and Madison Avenue Advertising Differ
  • Why Advertising To Spotify Will Always Cost Money
  • How E-Commerce Companies Use Digital Ads
  • Why The Lifetime Value of A Music Fan Can Be Higher Than Other Types Of Customers
  • How To Use Free, Low Cost, and High Ticket Offers In Your Marketing