EP207: Where Major Artists Get Stuck In Their Marketing

Taking a critical look at the marketing of artists with large fan bases, there's a trap and a major bottleneck that's easy to fall into when it comes to digital marketing that all artists should know about!

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed reveal what we learned when auditing the advertising for artists on a major record label and what our findings mean for artists of all sizes! Learn where major label artists get stuck and why it's not their fault, the benefits of tracing the customer journey of your fans, and the advantage that artists in "growth mode" have!

If you've ever wanted to peek behind the curtain at the marketing for label artists and bands to discover the strengths and weaknesses in their strategies, this episode is a massive eye-opener for Indies small and large alike!


  • What We Learned Auditing a Major Record Label Ad Account
  • Why Massive Artists and Bands Find Themselves Stuck Building Awareness
  • How To Create, Capture, and Monetize The Attention of Your Fans
  • Why Having Consistent Brand Assets Is Critical in 2022
  • What Steps Indies Can Take To Maintain Their Advantage