EP205: Staying Ahead Of The Creative Curve Online

There have been massive disruptions on social media in the last 6 months. Ads that used to crush are no longer working? Reach is bottoming out? Engagement seems to be hitting a new low? A lot of artists are saying just that!

In this episode of Creative Juice, we address the elephant in the room around changes in social media and digital marketing on everything from privacy, content, and how artists can stay ahead! Discover why native content is going to be more important than ever before, how targeting has changed, how to adapt and create better content, and where to draw inspiration from other artists.

If the panic around changes to Facebook Ads or FOMO about TikTok and Instagram Reels have you in a flurry, this episode will help you reset your expectations and ideas about social media and help you become a content-first creative in the new social landscape! 


  • How To Solve Your Ad and Social Engagement Problems In One Swipe
  • Why 9 Out Of 10 Videos Ads Fail
  • How Targeted Advertising Is Changing And How Artists Can Win
  • Where YouTube And TikTok Can Give You Inspiration
  • What Qualities You Need To Embody In Your Music Videos
  • How To Model Virality In A Way That's Authentic To Your Brand
  • The Secret To Cell Phone Shot Videos That Turn Heads And Stop Scrolls