EP204: The Pillars of Growing A Music Career with Casey Cavaliere of The Wonder Years

Across time and the ever-evolving online landscape, what does it take to grow and sustain a fan base and build a long-term music career? There is simply no one-size-fits-all strategy, but there are common pillars to help you stand out from the noise!

On this episode of Creative Juice, we're joined by special guest Casey Cavaliere, a producer, songwriter, and the guitarist of Philadelphia-based band The Wonder Years! Learn how The Wonder Years built a loyal fan base from their earliest touring days, how the band brainstorms authentic offers for their fans, working with a record label team, opening a recording studio and starting a podcast, and more!

If you want to look behind the curtain at how Casey has grown a multi-dimensional music career, this episode is jam-packed with insight, stories, and great advice for musicians at all stages!


  • What Evolved In The Wonder Years' Marketing from The MySpace Days To Now
  • How Social Media Has Evolved From One-To-One to One-To-Many
  • Where Relationship Building On The Road Intersects with Digital Fan Connection
  • How Diversity Creates Depth In Your Artist Brand
  • How Casey and His Bandmates Connect With Fans Authentically Online
  • Why Being A Creative Entrepreneur Should Center On Creative Problem Solving