EP144: Indie Spotlight Part 1 – Founder Success Stories

Gleaning tips, ideas, and inspiration from the journeys of other artists is a great way to blaze your own path as an independent artist. The Indie music community is a treasure trove to learn from the successes and struggles of others!

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Corrin enlist the help of IndieFounder coach and IndieX technician Jesse Gillenwalters for a series of Indie Spotlight interviews with artists straight from the IndieFounder coaching program!

If you're looking to get some inspo from powerhouse Indies and learn how they took their careers into their own hands, this series is for you!


  • How one artist used marketing to go from metal singer to quiet solo project
  • What made one musician realize that 5 years of struggle could be condensed into 3 months of effort
  • Why the IndieFounder program is structured to empower artists