EP150: How To Kick Start Your Holiday Sales Planning

Historically, Black Friday and Holiday Sales present huge opportunities for revenue growth for businesses of all kinds. In fact, November and December drive 30% more revenue than other non-holiday months in e-commerce. The music industry is no an exception, yet artists often overlook this opportunity.

In this episode of Creative Juice, Corrin and Jack give us a jumpstart on holiday sales planning, covering why it's so important to start now, how to craft offers, and what to focus on to maximize your impact!

Whether you're a pro at running Black Friday sales for your music or looking to run your very first sale, this episode is packed with ideas to help you craft the perfect offers for this year and motivate you to start planning today!


  • Why Q4 holiday sales can be so lucrative for Indies
  • How to get a leg up on the rest of the music industry
  • What you can learn from your favorite brands to help you prepare
  • How to run a clearance offer for your left over merch
  • Why it's so important to segment your offers to your fans