EP158: Engagement Pods That Actually Work!

For a few years, there has been an endless amount of chatter among artists and musicians about using engagement pods to hack algorithms on Instagram and Spotify. These hacks don't work, BUT there are engagement pods that DO work.

In this episode of Creative Juice, Corrin and Jack first dispel the myths around Instagram and Spotify engagement pods before diving into engagement pods that ACTUALLY work. We go deep into how forming collaborative groups with other artists can benefit the growth, strategy, and creativity of an artist's music business.

Ever want to pow-wow with a group of other musicians to hold each other accountable or seek some mentorship for your career? This episode covers down in these areas and more, so you don't want to miss it.


  • Why engagement pods on Instagram and Spotify fail
  • What Indies can learn from other businesses about networking and collaboration
  • How to form a small group of like-minded musicians for accountability
  • What pitfalls to avoid when seeking collaboration, advice, or mentorship
  • PLUS: A sneak peek at what Indepreneur has coming up for Black Friday