EP164: Tough Conversations with Difficult People In The Music Business

Making music and marketing can be all-consuming, which is GREAT. However, one important part of any creative business is the people that surround it. With any team, conflicts arise and tough conversations are bound to happen!

So in this special episode of Creative Juice, Corrin and Jack take a break from talking marketing to discuss team building, tough conversations, and working with difficult people! From bands and solo artists to managers, producers, and label teams, dig into one of the less commonly discussed topics in the music biz: working through disagreements!

If you've got a team or are looking to build one in the future, this episode pulls from experiences that will hit home no matter where you are in your career! 


  • How being solution-driven can help set you up for success in any debate
  • Why mirroring other people helps them to see your point of view
  • What examples of tough conversations can teach creatives of all kinds