EP180: What’s The MVP of Your Music Career?

It's easy for creatives to get stuck in the land of unfinished ideas! How do the many facets of an artist's career go from ideas to tangible reality?

On this episode of Creative Juice, Corrin and Jack go back to some good old fashioned business basics and discuss the concept of a minimum viable product and how it relates to a music career! Learn what an MVP is, how to envision the MVPs in various aspects of your music career, and how to keep innovating in everything from marketing to recording to content and beyond.

If you ever find yourself getting stuck in the idea stage, this episode will get you planning your career on an MVP track and making more progress than ever before! 


  • Why setting the bar TOO high sets you up to never release anything
  • What Membership Sites Can Teach You About Developing an MVP
  • How the recording and release processes can teach you about MVP processes
  • How to find your critical eye by being purpose-driven in all aspects of your career